2009 was the year MONSTERFRAU was born. A bunch of children in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg recognized her for the first time when she had prevailed a 12 years old warlord in a two minutes fight deploying her killing glance and was dancing like an untethered fool.

Since then MONSTERFRAU has shown a various number of performances and electronic music acts. Starting with the Underground Opera 'MONSTERFRAU - Body and Capitalism' together with Sascha Neudeck in 2010 in WUK-Theatre Vienna followed by performances like 'MONSTERFRAU against Marduk' in 2013 at Donaufestival Krems and the serial 'Voices' bodies' in 2014. 

In 2014 MONSTERFRAU met the tekno musician Crystal Distortion with whom she is actually preparing the music-performance 'TekMater', coming out on august 25th in Orleans /F.

MONSTERFRAU is mainly known for her interface culture performances of body, movement and electronic music. In 2013 she had developed a sound-costume having analog synthesizers and the control over her machine drum on her body covered by faders and potentiometers. In 2015 she has developed a movement sensors costume which is going to be premiered in the music-performance 'TekMater', where her movements trigger and effect the sound-samples. 

Curators and program directors book MONSTERFRAU to perform in art-galleries, theatre spaces, at music festivals and on concert-stages. Since april 2016 she also offers a MONSTERFRAU dj-Set.