Bridging the Gap

Jan 11th, 2013, 10pm at K77 /Kastanienallee 77, Berlin 10435.
Animated sound pieces in Lichtblicke Kino and blind dates in electronic music

From Lyon, France

From Berlin, Germany

From Vienna, Austria
VHS Donaustadt

From ROSTOCK, Germany
MS Stubnitz

This is the first Berlin meeting of the "Lifelong Learning" programme of GRUNDTVIG, called BRIDGING THE GAP - LEARNING TO LEARN THROUGH MEDIA and the results will be in 2 forms.
A screening of the created animated sound piece.
Blind Date Performances with our guests.

Together with our partners we will create an animated sound piece to be screened at the Lichtblick Kino.
This will take its form over 2 days in a closed workshop environment of DIY skills including mike building, voice training, audio editing and manipulation and stop motion animation.

Blind dates have been an important feature in our regular and irregular radio shows over the years. On this occasion we want to bring it to the stage and let it be plentiful. This is an experiment in non-linear learning and on the spot improvisation with people who are not familiar with each other. This action hopefully encourages a more subconscious kind of dialogue and learning.

The 10/15 minute long sets of duos are decided on by some random procedure.