MONSTERFRAU PJ (Performance Jockey)
First Release: Do, 8. Jan 2015, 21:00 Uhr @brutto im brut Wien Künstlerhaus Foyer
Teil III der Performancereihe Stimmkörper: MONSTERFRAU triggert, mixt und morpht Rythmen, Samples und Sounds via Bewegung. 

Part III of the performance serial MONSTERFRAU The voices' bodies: MONSTERFRAU triggers, mixes and morphes dance music rythms, samples and sounds with her movement. 

MONSTERFRAU PJ - Performance Jockey Exhibited, Jan 23rd 2015, Zwitschermaschine Berlin 
in the framework of the exhibition MONSTERFRAU Stimmkörper

Music, Performance - MONSTERFRAU /Wicke-Aengenheyster; Instruments - Source Audio; Conceptual, dramaturgic and choreographic advice - Philippe Riera; Photography - Guido Cord; Graphic Design - Philippe Marescaux /karactere Communication; Thanks to Crystal Distortion; Produced by STAATSAFFAIRE kindly supported by MA7 - Theatre, Dance, Performance Vienna.